Driving in today’s environment takes skill and knowledge! There is just so much more to know than how to turn the wheel and drive a straight line.

Here is an outline of what the Strong Drivers Program can offer you

Each Strong Driver Student will receive the following:

  • 26 hours in-class instruction. Our class room, located in the Caravan Building (above MUN Insurance and Sergio’s Ice Cream) in Bay Roberts, offers a comfortable space to work and learn.
  • Instruction on the rules and regulations of the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Lessons on 20 Defensive Driving Habits.
  • Instruction on Emergency Situations.
  • Information on Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Laws.
  • Development of good Driver Attitude.
  • Instruction on Freeway/Highway Driving.

11 hours in-car instruction. Each in-car session is a private one-on-one instruction. which includes the use of car for the Road Test at MRD. In the unlikely event that the studend has to repeat the Road Test, a second Road Test will be booked at no extra charge.

Each new driver will be shown specific life saving emergency maneuvers such as:

  • Avoiding a Head-On Collision
  • Gravel Shoulder Recovery
  • Emergency Braking
  • Threshold Braking
  • ABS Braking Techniques
  • A Co-Driver session (offered at no extra fee) is offered for those who wishThis Co-Driver Session offers helpful hints and techniques to enhance the new drivers practicing skills. Practice is of great importance for every new driver and the Co-Driver Session will ensure students are all practicing on the same page.

Strong Drivers is committed to giving each of its students all they will need to know for the Road ahead!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call Lynne anytime @ 589-7156.

Courses 2019 – 20

Course Schedule for 2019 – 20

All Classroom sessions begin at 8:15 am and finish at 3:00 pm. There will be a 30 minute break for lunch at 12 noon.

Course # 2019-14

Weekend Programme…….November 2nd, 3rd, 16th & 17th

Course # 2019-15

Weekend Programme……. November 30th, December 1st, 14th & 15th

Course # 2020-01

Weekend Programme…….January 11th, 12th,  February 1st & 2nd

Course # 2020-02

Weekend Programme…….January 25th, 26th,  February 1st & 2nd

Course # 2020-03

Weekend Programme….February 22nd, 23rd, March 7th & 8th

Course # 2020-04

Weekend Programme….March 21st, 22nd, April 4th & 5th

Course # 2020-05

Weekend Programme….April 18th, 19th, May 2nd & 3rd

Course #2020-06

Weekend Programme….May 23th, 24th, June 6th & 7th

Course #2020-07

Weekend Programme….June 26th, 27th, July 4th & 5th

(Note: Start date is on Friday, after last day of school)

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Make the Right Turn, Be a Strong Driver

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Programmes and Payment Plans 2020

Strong Drivers Programme #1

26 hours of In-class Instruction and 13 hours of In-car Instruction

Total Cost including HST  $900.00

Payment can be made in 3 payments of $300.00

Strong Drivers Programme #2

26 hours of In-class Instruction and 11 hours of In-car Instruction

Total Cost including HST  $800.00

Payment can be made in 3 payments of $266.75

Methods of Payments:

  • Cash
  • Visa/Master Card
  • Debit
  • E-transfer or Money Order
  • Cheque

All in-class instruction held at:

Caravan Building (above MUN Insurance and Sergio’s Ice Cream)

304 Conception Bay Highway North

Bay Roberts

If you have any questions Click Here, or call Lynne @ 589-7156.

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